Rinjani Wonderfull

Mount Rinjani is well-known as the second highest volcanic mountain in Indonesia which is precisely located on Lombok island, West Nusa Tenggara with the hight of 3.726 masl (12.224 feet) and an area of 76,000 ha. This majectic mountain is part of Mount Rinjani National Park and is located among 3 regencies (North Lombok, Central Lombok and East lombok). It undisputedly offers the scenic mountainous views. Thus, numerous visitors coming from all over the world are interested in witnessing its spectacular beauty of as follows:

1. Rinjani Summit

Conquering the peak of Mount. Rinjani is a genuine pride of most visitors acknowledging that it demands efforts. Stepping your feet at the highest point of Lombok Island enables you to see the panoramic views of both Sumbawa and Bali Island. In addition, In high season (August), the visitors are mostly dominated by the students from all over Indonesia who will celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia which falls on the 17th of August by conducting a flag ceremony on the mountaintop.

2. Segara Anak Lake

Lying at an elevation of 2.000 masl as well as being surrounded by the mountain range makes Segara Anak Lake a perfect spot to strecth your mucles after a long hike. Sitting down on the lakeshore while enjoying the idyllic scenary of Mount Baru Jari with the hight of 2.324 masl (known as the son of Rinjani) is worth seeing. In addition, 100 metres away from the lakeshore heading to the North you can find several hot springs containing therapeutic sulfur where you can soak your body in and swim in while waiting for your lunch to get served.

3. Sembalun Crater Rim and Senaru Crater Rim

After hiking up for normally 7-8 hours on day 1 starting from each starting point; Sembalun Crater Rim (2.639 masl) and Senaru Crater Rim (2.641) in which you will certainly end your paces with a cup of coffee or tea on your hand while enjoying the picturesque sunset over the ocean which the 3 Gilis (G. Air, G. Meno, G. Trawangan) can be seen as well as the sacred Mount. Agung in Bali. When looking down at the sea-like lake view, the caldera of Mount Baru Jari releasing its svelte smoke will gratify you.

4. Tropical Rainforest

Stretching out from the main gate of Mount Rinjani National Park in Senaru village (601 masl), an exotic tropical rainforest welcomes you to the wilderness of nature in where a variety of plants and animals live peacefully. The paths that lead to the crater rim seem to be filled with the shade of the trees and the sounds of the various birds. In addition, there are two types of apes that can easily be seen called Pitu and Makake.

5. Savanna

When starting from Sembalun village (1.156 masl), the windy paths leading to the crater rim are created in the savanna of landscape. From April till early July, the color of savanna is painted in light and dark green as far as eyes can see, however from August to December the savanna turns into goldish because of the drought.

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